Radon Certificatin?

What’s the best way to get started in radon testing? Do you guys recommend certification through the National Radon Safety Board or similar?

What are your State requirements? Oftentimes they specify the ‘Who’ you must certify through. That would be your first goal.

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I live in Kentucky and at this time I don’t believe it is regulated although I understand that is in the works.

I recommend two first steps…

  1. Peruse the US EPA website pertaining to Radon as most all States use these standards as a basis for their own Standards
  2. Take the InterNachi/IAC2 course to get your basic education. Radon is tough if you are not accustomed to this type of learning. There is a lot that you don’t necessarily need to know to perform ‘testing’, (ie. the Science behind Radon), but you will need to know to become certified by most all certifying entities.
    Good luck,
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I’m in a licensed state, so we had to get training and pass the National Radon Safety Board test. An important component of assuring accurate and reliable results involves your procedures, which are documented in your Quality Assurance plan. The question is, how do you deal with tampering, where do you set the device during a test, what is your notification procedure, how do you assure/document your devices are accurate, and much more?

You can use carbon canisters or pouches, but tampering is difficult to control under adversarial real estate transactions. With monitors, you have more sensors that better support your QA plan. You might consider Radalink, who provide NRSB training and certification testing, plus they do your Quality Assurance plan, including record keeping and duplicate testing help. They have a lease program that includes monitor plus QA plan, and record keeping. Good way to start. (Disclosure: I’m Radalink trained, but I do not use their monitors/services). Give them a call.

Thanks for the input guys! I will plan on taking the NRSB course soon. How much should I expect to pay for monitoring equipment at the beginning>