Radon Certification

I took the Nachi radon training and passed it.Is this all I need to take the radon test or do I need to take more training?

John Cubit
JC Home/Mold Inspections

I’d like to know that, as well. Nachi education is usually top notch, and is probably an excellent preparation for the test. I refer all my students to Inachi, for their excellent training courses.

Check with your state.

I don’t know what your state requirements are but here in Florida you have to take a certification class and pass the state proctored exam. Only then once you have been certified (Department of Health) can you do any Radon testing.

most states require NEHA-NRPP approved certification

What do you mean by “the test”? The last I read, Tennessee was not one of the “regulated” states. Just to make sure, call the state’s radon office 800-232-1139 or 615-299-9725. If you want to get into NEHA, then you will have to take a NEHA approved training course, and their proctored exam. Check out their website. Do you have the InterNACHI radon book? I’ve got the downloaded version. It has about the same content as the radon course, but it’s very easy to look up information. I live in a state that requires me to jump through all sorts of hoops (proctored exam, NEHA-approved training, continuing education, quality assurance plan, stete-approved lab, etc.). I hope it’s worth it. Check out some of Billy Boner’s posts. I think he got his radon certification just going through InterNACHI. Keep up with the news. Radon regulations are going through some changes.