Radon Classes from ESA

-got an e-mail couple days ago-
It stated that ‘Environmental Solutions’ will be putting on a radon class in Omaha, NE on August 31st and September 1st, 16 hrs.

I called the rep whose contact info was on the e-mail today and registered.

Now I can’t find any more info and haven’t received confirmation. She said they haven’t got the Location/hotel booked yet- are still working on it- said that they may need two locations or two dates, as they’ve had good response.

She also offered membership with ESA for a reduced price, which I declined.

About now, I’m wondering if I’ve been scammed-

Anybody else get this e-mail?- or know anything about ‘Environmental Solution Associates’?

They claimed that Pro-lab has done classes for them, also mentioned NACHI

So?..Waddaya Think?

Well the class seems to be true: http://www.esaassociation.com/seminarschedule.asp

As for ESA, just give them a call. I’ve seen quick turn around times mostly with them, but it’s possible a mistake was made.


P.S. Do you answer all email solicitations? What is your email? :wink:

Sorry if this double posts, it didn’t post the other way.

I don’t have any statistics to base this on, but I doubt ESA scams anyone.
Dan Blanchard, CMA
Designated member of ESA

I’m also a member of ESA, I took their mold courses but not their radon course. I’m sure it’s just a matter of logistics (as their rep. stated to you).

Good luck!

Tom, Dan, & Chris-

Thanks for the feedback!

It sound like my concerns were unfounded.
I looked at esaassociation.com, as you said, and saw the posting for the Omaha radon training has been added. I still haven’t got a confirmation like they said, so I’ll try to contact the rep again, but thanks again.

Someone asked if I answer all e-mail solicitations- what’s that about?
I answer those that interest me- does that answer your question?


The NACHI message board has been (and still is), an immense help to me as I strive to do my job better every day. Even when I first started, which was only about 1 1/2 years ago, on those days when there wasn’t much happening, I could still grow by soaking up the wisdom of contributors, and learn from other’s experiences.

Thanks again to people like you guys,

Yes, ESA is solid. They may be taking a bit longer while they make up for one rep who left the company recently.

Sorry about the delay in Feedback from Michele. I have told her to contact you today. If anyone is interested in this Radon class please contact her at 570-326-0708 or Michele@esaassociation.com

If any NACHI member would like to see a Radon class scheduled in their area please let ESA know. We sometimes have trouble deciding which State to present a class to. Your input to us as NACHI members is very important and always helpful in scheduling classes.

Just contact me Bernie.Katz@esaassociation.com with your suggestions.
Bernie Katz, Training Director

Thanks Bernie. Also folks… ESA classes are www.IAC2.org approved.