Radon Data

I have kept records of all the tests I have done since the middle of 2004.

I have done 162 tests. 41 have come back with high readings.
This is over 25% or 1/4. I believe the national average is 1/16

My highest reading is 27.7

I have tested in 57 different areas.

** Would this be acceptable to say to a client?** I have tested 10 homes in the city of _______ that you are planning on living in. 4 of the homes have tested over the recommended action guideline. The national average is one of 16 homes. Would you like to schedule a radon test today?

How about comparision to EPA data?

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Dave, as Linus suggested look at the EPA data, if you look at the Radon map for Ohio you will see that the whole state has medium to high readings I don’t think your 25% figure is wrong.

Click here for Ohio Map

BTW when I lived in New England I commonly found elevated levels in more than 25% of homes without mitigation systems.



Florida Department of Health:
“In some areas of Florida, one out of two homes has excessive amounts of radon.”

We have performed over 13,000 radon tests in south Florida
House are about 1 out of 20 with elevated radon levels.
Condos (2 or 3 story) and high rise condos are about 40% with high radon levels.
Florida DOH records all LEGAL radon tests in Florida.
(example: for years Pro lab was not certified in Florida and their tests were not counted, now that they are a FL DOH certified radon business providing tests to FL DOH certified home inspectors the tests should be counted.)
As our company expands north we find the same numbers hold true in areas that are considered low for elevated radon.
Lack of testing in a given area and incompetent testers are our guess for this.

The same probably is true around the country.
Doug Wall, CIE
WallRadon Testing, Inc. RB 1936



Near bottom.........  "If there are a lot of cracks in the foundation, in the basement wall, basement slab, or if a home is a one story home on a concrete slab with cracks, there is a concern and there is more chance of radon becoming airborne and getting into the lungs of the occupants of the house" 

And so, those floor-venting systems won`t help 'IF' and when there are cracks in basements WALLS, especially HOLLOW Block walls. You can`t --won`t always see cracks from inside a basement that OFTEN exist on the OUTSIDE of hollow block walls. Yeah, those floor venting systems do indeed help high levels UNDER-the floor, yeppers. Got milk?

If you follow the EPA guidelines, it can not be determined when and where Radon will show up. So, It is recommended that “ALL” homes be tested.

You can relate your personal test results, but I don’t think you should post them as a % of homes that have a Radon problem.

Even with the EPA maps, these are made from homes tested. It does not represent the total number of homes because all homes were not tested.

There are parts of the state that homeowners will be more likely to test. In areas where the owners are unlikely to test, it may show no Radon Issue!

Just be careful not to construe false claims from inaccurately collected research data.

Since the only way to know is to test I would be careful about using any general statistics from any source since they could claim they interpreted what your saying as a good likelihood of not having an elevated level.

When I am discussing Radon testing I emphsize the “only way to know is to test” and the fact that if they choose not to test they will have to sign a radon waiver. Maybe it’s my sincere tone of voice but I’ve only had one waiver signed this year.

Even regional statistics will not tell you if any given house has elevated radon levels. Even in so-called low radon areas the fill under the house could have been trucked in from miles away and be a source for that house when every other house on the blockj is ok.

Just my thoughts

I live in MD and my neighbor has Radon, I have Radon and the neighbor about 200ft away does not have Radon *. It all depends on where the source is and the ground conditions under /around your home.

Dick Moran
MD Licensed HI #29927*