Radon Emails

I am new to Radon Inspections and curious how experienced inspectors utilize ISN for Radon. Do you send an email to listing agent to inform them when dropping off radon monitor and another email for pick up? Any helpful info on how you use ISN with Radon Inspections will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi James,

You can use ISN to do both of those items.

Have an inspection type: Home Inspection with Radon.

Trigger an email to the listing agent advising them on how to prepare and when you will be dropping off and picking up.

Then, include the dropoff and pickup info in your buyer’s agent email… just for fyi.

Hope that helps!

Ok more detain in how to do this please!

Hi John,

The steps for this would be as follows:

  1. Create your Radon Inspection Type under Settings -> Office Settings -> Inspection Types.
  2. Create the email template or templates you want to send to your realtor under Email -> My Email Templates.
    Example: “Hi %sellersagentfirstname%, we will be stopping by the house on %radon-drop-date% to drop off a radon canister.”
  3. Setup an email event to schedule when the above email template will be sent to the seller’s agent.
    You can setup the email event to send ONLY when the Radon Inspection Type is selected: http://help.inspectionsupport.net/is/isn/activating-an-email-event

If you run into any issues, please visit us in chat through your ISN by hitting ‘Support’ at the top right corner of your ISN and then Live Chat.


And if they get subpoenaed, simply delete them all. It appears it’s OK to do that. :wink:

Thank you Michelle!!