Radon equipment for a new business in 2020

I’ve found a sun nuclear 1027 on eBay for 500 dollars. Are these monitors sufficient for today? It will be my first piece of radon testing equipment and only for probably a little bit. Any advice would be great. The air cat plan was 145 a month to rent a monitor from them but I’m shy to do that in these times to have that overhead monthly bill.

I don’t personally use Sun Nuclear, but:

Please note we no longer offer hardware repairs for 1027 and 1028 CRMs manufactured prior to January 1, 2009.

Their site is below. I’d hate to see you get stuck.

Before you invest in Radon equipment you should do some tests with mail in sampling kits to see if its lucrative in your area. Are you certified in Radon at any level?

Still finishing up getting certified and I think I will try that. Being in eastern pa where radon levels are know. To be very high I think it should be lucrative but I’ll save the money and buy another tool.

I am beginning a similar journey. It will definitely be lucrative where I live. Just wondering opinions on leasing vs buying equipment, and maybe some of the better known brands?