Radon in Illinois

I am trying to finish the paper work for licensing in Illinois. I was wondering if anyone has already gone through this process and can lend me a hand. I need to compile a list of documents that I will be using for things such as graphing the dimensions of the home and documenting weather conditions. I am struggling to finish the QAP and SOP for Illinois as well. All of the legal jargon leaves me clueless. Can anyone offer some advice??


Email or PM Joe T, he has done Radon for me in the past.


Its annoying though, people are very slow to understand just how harmful exposure to RADON can be.

Do it then!

For free?? I really cant afford to absorb that cost, although it would be cool to give a bunch away. :frowning:

My point is- because it is not a very tangible substance, some people think its a scam.
Isn’t that ridiculous?

National radon awareness month- January
EPA has great info on their site
Air Chek also good info www.radon.com
AARST good radon info http://www.aarst.org/radon_info.shtml

work at it, I was going to do 2 a week - goal in 1999
over 13,000 since then
Don’t just cut & paste info for website, read then write
one of our sites shows up on 1st page in google for Florida radon, heavy competition for that.
Have a good weekend, we are going home, work is done.