Radon in So Cal

Is anyone doing radon testing in Southern California? I had my first and only call today for one since i started.


I know a few guys that do. They get a few calls a year from people moving from the East coast that insist for a test even though they’re told there is little radon in most of CA.

Thanks Jeff, i’ve saw the maps a while back that’s why i never looked into it. I couldn’t see a ROI for the equipment and time. Just curious if anyone else did ti I found out they were moving from Texas.

I’ve only had a couple requests in the past; it’s not something I do, to small of a market for me. But if this is something that you are going to include, let me know and I’d be more than glad to pass them your way.

Get a few radon canisters from ProLab and throw them in your toolbox. First check to be sure your insurance carrier covers you for radon :slight_smile: Never seen it in San Diego, but I get a few calls a year and as Dom mentions, it is peeps moving from the East out West.