Radon inspection (posted by Tom Irwin)

Thank you for your response. I used the charcoal canisters.

Tom Irwin


I use charcoal canisters also. No special license or training is required for this type of radon testing in Massachusetts, but it’s best to be trained in the proper placement of the canisters and it’s good to know the basics regarding Radon, due to the questions that’ll be asked during your inspections. If you’re placing radon canisters, please check with your local radon laws and if there aren’t any, school yourself in Radon testing, it’s hazards and how it occurs.

There is a great website for you and your clients. www.epa.gov

Just about anything you want to know about Radon. Did you get the canisters from RTC (Radon Testing Corp.) in Elmsford, NY? If so they offer classes that comply with all regulations.

Good Luck

I am taking a certification course at: http://www.rtca.com/training.asp

Maybe they have a location near you. check them out.

You have to understand how RADON works , how it can be effectively measured to get the best results. Otherwise you could be wasting time.

I only use continuous radon monitors.

Tom, I wanted you to know that any firm that you choose to send your charchoal canister too has to be a NYS ELAP certified radon lab.


Has a list of who has a program or not…

The home page has a list of state radon offices as well.

Testing is more of a service to sell with an inspection…

If you don’t have Continuous Monitor w/tamper indication… (I get nervous on vacants anyway) I would recommend a sump pit similar to what Nick (search on site)had shown with the sand and ball inside (you can see if they moved it around and note on report and/or to lab) as Real Estate testing leaves lots of room for “adverse conditions”.

Tell the seller that if they leave the windows open and a breeze blows thru it will increase the results… there’s a lil truth to that too. Keep closed conditions 12 hours prior if using samples etc. There is some evidence that air moving *across *sample may increase results…



Hi Rick, this is Frank Macak, I met you at the Upstate School of Training. I am just getting into the business and just want to say HI to all of you. I do have a question regarding the cannisters. I understand that there are 2 sizes 4" and 2" cannisters. I also understand that you need to use the 4" canisters. Do you know of any sources in the NYState ? Some guys were suggesting Accustar PA lab, but they are not licenced for NY, but the Accustar lab in MA is. Thanks

Do you want to get involved in something that may cost $$$$ for buyers and sellers alike? Then have it come back on you that your testing was not in accordance with protocol.

There are standards for testing set by the EPA, but in the real world of Real Estate in Nashville, TN. you get one high test and it is fix it time! No re-testing. No averaging of tests, no nothing. High test, fixing it now is less than dragging things on and loosing a sale.

Someone goes through this and THEN finds that you didn’t follow protocol…

Just my perception on any ancillary service…

MS. NANCY HERNANDEZ (800) 457 -2366

Approved for the following categories:

  • Potable Water / Radon

Personally I like Air-check I see they are certified but not with NYS you may want to call them and enlighten them on NYS new rant about NYS approved labs. I just think its NYS wanting more money.

Ricky, we have the NYS certification too.

DR. JOSEPH L. ALVAREZ (828) 684 -0893

Approved for the following categories:

  • Air and Emissions / Radon

Shawn Price

Tom - and anyone else in the area -
I see you are in Albany. Join us at Kirkers Steal & Seafood House, second Wednesday of each month at 6:15 PM for the New York Capital Region Chapter Meeting.
The ability to network with fellow inspectors, participate in our monthly presentations, and gain InterNACHI CE credit is well worth the time. The members start getting there around 5:30 for networking and general conversation over a beverage, then we order off the menu. Business meeting while the Chef does his thing, after dinner is the presentation.
Call me if you need more info - 827 4852
Tom Valosin, President
NY Capital Region Chapter of InterNACHI

I looked on your website although I didn’t see that you were. Will you
e-mail me a copy of your NYS certificate to acchomeinsp@stny.rr.com
so I can have it on file?

Thanks Rick,

All of the above is great info, you might want to weigh your options for method of testing: canister vs CRM (Continous Radon Monitor). Which would best fit your style. I personally chose to put the money out & invest in the CRM. After the test I get instant results via my laptop that includes hourly readout to print & view spikes, I can email that to my client the same day & I don’t have to wait for results from the lab (usually only a couple of days.). This is the way I chose & works fine for me.
Good luck on whatever you choose.

What is wind mitigation and can we do it? Terry

Terry… It’s a Florida thing…

BTW. Change your profile so we can see where you are from. :smiley:

So- always follow protocol , whats the problem with that? I do it by the book, and i don’t ever need to worry about it later.