Radon inspections

I am considering the addition of radon testing with my inspections. What system is the best, or what is everyone using. I know there are systems for testing in home as well as the “pucks” that you send to the lab. If using the pucks, where is the best place for supplies?

I use a continuous monitor. It has worked out well for me.

Thanks Aaron! Which one are you using?

Radstar! I own 5 of them. An RS800 and 4 RS300’s. Great service, they send you the unit in less than 48 hours.

Thanks Jeff…will check them out. I know the units need regular calibration. How difficult?

Air Chek by Radon-pro.com. Great results, very affordable, never a callibration. I have been using these for years and never a problem. I also do a fair amount of tests per week.


While I do over 8 to 10 tests a week, having a huge inventory of expensive test equipment, calibration costs, theft is not cost efficient. I have been using Air-Chek now for over 10 years with never a problem.

What state are you in? Are you licensed to do radon?


I use rad star as well. Very good service.

I use a Sun Nuclear 1028 and have been pleased with it. I also use Air-Check as part of my QA program.

Gary, I am in Virginia. I have just started the process for radon. Currently going through the course on here. Just trying to find out what I need to get together when I am ready to go live.

Okay, pardon my lack of knowledge here. What is the Air Chek and the Pro Chek?

Should have proofed that. What is the difference between the two?

See radon.com

Okay…got it now. Evidently was two websites. I spoke with a realtor today who had a test done in her home recently. I asked what type…was just a simple canister test. However, she said that the results came within hours. Unless there is a lab close by, is that a possibility?

Yes, in some areas you can have them read the same day near by or an electret was used.

I have heard of some inspectors setting-up a canister as a decoy to thwart tampering of the continuous monitor. They use the same canister over and over. It is never submitted to the lab, as the monitor is the Live tester.