Radon Measurement Service Provider course

I just completed the subject course and there were a few questions that I could not find reference in the course material.

T/F: A heat-recovery ventilation system should not be installed where asbestos material is suspected to be inside the space where the system is operating.

  • I searched the entire course and I cannot find any reference to this question. Did I miss it?

In cases where one test result is greater than 4 pCi/L, and one is less than 4 pCi/L, if the higher result is two times or greater than the lower result, then the two results are not within a factor of 2 and __________ is not recommended.

a quality-control program
a re-test
A re-test is recommended (but above says NOT recommended) is this a typo? I did answer "a re-test"

Radon measurement devices should not be placed within ______ feet of exterior doors and windows.


The only reference I could find in the course outline is:
The device should not be placed near doors, windows, air currents, sunlight or heatsources. Areas of high humidity should be avoided. Devices should be placed at least 20 inches off the floor, 4 inches away from other objects, 12 inches from walls, and 12 inches from ceilings

I did a google search and found this:

and at least 36 inches away from doors, *windows
so I chose 3 feet.

But does this need to be added to the course or did I just over look it?

WOW - tough course !!! but what a lot of GREAT material !!!

Thanks Ken >