Radon Mitigation Recommendations

Here’s some perspective on radon mitigation. Our country remains relatively shut down from Covid-19. There have been approximately 113,000 deaths. That equates to a death rate of 3.5/1000 in our population. At radon levels of 2.0 the chart I use predicts a death rate of 4/1000 for non smokers. We are all still forced to wear masks, practice social distancing, businesses remain at least partially closed, no concerts, no ballgames, no gyms… How fortunate that to remedy the radon situation all we have to do is recommend a mitigation system. The EPA recommends mitigation at 4.0, but only suggests it at 2.0. As a health care provider (I’m also a chiropractor) I’ve been recommending mitigation at 2.0 all along. I just like having some comparative numbers to back my recommendations.

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