Radon Monitor

I am looking to upgrade from charcoal canisters to a CRM.

I am looking for experiences from the InterNACHI membership.

Choices are:

  1. Sun Nuclear 1028
  2. Radstar 300

Both are similarly priced.

Are you happy with yours?
What is the reason you like yours?
Why do you dislike yours?

We like the unit performance and company service from Radstar. We have six 300’s and rent an 800.

Lots of expense, calibration, record keeping, inventory, chance of theft of electronic monitors. Some states have regulations on radon testing. Here in Kansas, recently two companies are being investigated for non-calibration of their equipment and reporting false high readings to get money from installations of mitigation systems. Some testing was free, or the fee returned, if mitigation was installed.

I have used Air-Chek for 11 years with never a problem. IMHO, switching to electronic monitors is not an upgrade.

I’d rather pay the overnight shipping fees and reporting the next day than to deal with the record keeping and calibration for the CRMs. Air-Chek for me.


I love the Sun 1030 sentinel and report.
(My opinion can market and price more per test)
I may sell my 1027’s and upgrade all to this.

If you decide to sell the 1027 lmk, I’m close to you, so no shipping.

I’ve been using AirChek for years also. I have nothing bad to say about the lab and their service. But recently I’ve noticed complaints from my clients and their agents about the wait time while the kits are mailed to the lab. Sometimes it takes a day. Sometimes two for the lab to receive the mailed test kits. If I mail it on Friday or sometimes Thursday, the client won’t get the result until Monday. Therefore I’ve ordered two Sun Nuclear 1030s. The 1030s monitor movement, temperature, and humidity (I think) and will be useful to ensure occupants have not tried to defeat the test. Client will receive the result the same day.

(Nice!!), call or email if you have questions or you may have a tip on the 1030. The chart it provides is excellent and yes it measures all you stated.

How many of you are putting a 12 hour delay on the unit?

I use the RS 300, have 3 at this time (might get a 4th) Our RE transactions typically have a 10 bus day window, they lowered it from 14 last year, the savings of 2-3 days to ship and get results are why I switched over. Bring it home, get the result, email it out, no biggie. I don’t find tracking calibration schedules too taxing.

I never set the delay as I want as many hours of data I can obtain.
In regards to the 12 hours, I would deduct from the EPA overall averages if applicable.

Radstar 300 for me…love it.

Your breaking EPA protocals then from what I learned correct me if I’m wrong. Clearly states closed house conditions must be maintained before testing. When do you drop your machine? Right after the inspection or do you test before the inspection or do you drop 12 or more hours after the inspection is complete?

How much are they Troy?


If you do a bunch of radon tests, air chek has a great program, we have used for years. Over 20,000 tests thru them with femto tech monitors.



I think around $800. I purchased from Accustar labs and use them for the calibration (which is $125). I use the 12 hour delay when I am not sure of the closed house conditions. I try to set the monitor prior to the inspection so I have the results when the client arrives; however, is dependent on my availability of a monitor.

I follow the protocol MR B, I just stated I do not set a delay on my monitor ( I could if I needed to) and want to see the hourly readings. It does not mean I do not follow the protocol. If the closed house conditions are not proper when I set up the test then I deduct the 12 hours from the readings.

I just started using the 1030 and only had one out of 10 house that needed the 12 hour delay. Overall was 9.4 (4HR 9.5) (12 HR 9.7)
I have 5 monitors and only the 1030 can be set for the delay, the others you have to manual calculate.

I want to see the first 4 or 12 hours so I can accurately look at the readings to see what was going on.

I drop the machine various times, some days ahead, some the day of. Depends on client, inspection day.

So I follow the protocol as if I did not I would lose my license as OH Dept of health as well as the EPA would be up my arse.

Guess I’m lost. EPA calls for no less than 48 hours of testing. If you deduct 12 hour closed house conditions are you waiting 12 hours past the required 48 to pick up? If you pick it up after just 2 days and deduct 12 hours off the two days your not giving a accurate test in my opinion if that’s how I understand it.

I set up 3 days ahead of time if setting up before the inspection (no issues if needing to extend 12 hours)

I pick up 2 to 3 days after inspection, depending on the protocol. Especially in summertime.

I never do not want to not see the hourly readings. (12 blind hours) I can take the time to figure the difference of the 4 or 12 hours if needed.

You are lost because I am unable to explain to you.:wink:

I am as ethical as they get and try my best to give my clients an accurate test.