Radon Monitoring

I have received numerous emails from a company called Ecosense (www.ecosense.io). Has anyone heard of them? They offer commissions for referrals. They also sell Radon Monitoring equipment and claim reliable results within an hour. Thanks for any input!

Don’t know specifically about that system, but I checked out their website. Nothing substantially different from other CRMs. Their system is a sampling radon monitor. It takes a sample every 10 minutes (hence the claim results in 10 minutes). Like any sampling system the more samples you average the more accurate your results. This system only samples 6 times an hour. For the cost there are systems that sample more frequently than that.

Your InterNACHI ethics SOP prevents you from accepting monetary compensation for referrals.

  1. The InterNACHI member shall not:
    a. have any disclosed or undisclosed
    conflict of interest with the client;
    b. accept or offer any disclosed or
    undisclosed commissions, rebates,
    profits, or other benefit from real
    estate agents, brokers, or any third
    parties having financial interest in
    the sale of the property; or
    c. offer or provide any disclosed or
    undisclosed financial compensation
    directly or indirectly to any real
    estate agent, real estate broker, or
    real estate company for referrals or
    for inclusion on lists of preferred
    and/or affiliated inspectors or
    inspection companies.
  2. The InterNACHI member shall not release any information about the inspection or the
    client to a third party unless doing so is necessary to protect the safety of others, to
    comply with a law or statute, or both of the following conditions are met:
    a. the client has been made explicitly
    aware of what information will be
    released, to whom, and for what
    purpose, and;
    b. the client has provided explicit, prior
    written consent for the release of
    his/her information.

Hello Bob,
Appreciate your input. I understand the InterNACHI Ethics SOP and would not go against it. I was just relaying what was sent in their marketing email and if anyone had heard of them. Not sure how they got my contact information. I was NOT considering working with them. I am working on, but have not yet finished, the Radon course, and was curious as to what was so unique (per them) about their equipment. I appreciate your input that the cost of their systems is higher than comparable, or better, CRMs.
Sometimes I am contacted by a vendor who says they got my information from InterNACHI, and they are a partner with InterNACHI. I am always hesitant about vendors now, mostly since HomeAdvisor pushed hard to get me to join them, and in their sales pitch even told me that Nick Gromicko had made an announcement about working with them. I couldn’t find it, ended up signing up, and lost a bunch of $$ and never won a single job.
Thanks again for your input!

Interesting! I did a search for Ecosense and got NO results.

Any inspectors/peoples that know of it will know it by it’s Trade name Radoneye.

I usually don’t go to those websites as they like to ‘scrape/mine’ data and then have my contact info. They likely scraped your info from the Nachi website.

In this case, I went to their site for one purpose, (okay two), 1) to try and identify who they actually are, and 2) to see if they have U.S. Certification for this to be used in a RE Transaction. Their site provided NO information for both of these, therefore, even if you were interested, I would stay away until their Certification was disclosed.

Thanks Jeffrey,
Curious, why would Ben have had a webinar for this company/product if they do not disclose their certification? And, they offer commissions, which Bob said goes against the InterNACHI Ethics SOP (I guess that could be questioned as they are not a real estate agent, broker, or third party with a financial interest in the sale of the property). I wonder if Ben aware of this, being he is aware of this company by having the webinar? The email they sent me did not have the trade name listed, so I would not have know to look for Radoneye.
Thank you!


Hi Dale.
What you are saying is very thoughtful & descriptive.
My advice to you is do not forget it for the future… … …

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Hello Marc,
Your comment says a lot, without having to say a lot. Thank you for that, and I will not forget it!
I wish some of the helpful people on here were in Michigan. I can’t find anyone here (in Michigan) that will let me join them on an inspection, and if I try to contact the Michigan chapter, I get no response.
Thanks again for your insight!


Did you search from the main forum page? I find that one gets better, and more, results that way.

Dale, where are you in MI? I am retired and live in Traverse City but know some inspectors around the state. PM me, if you like.

Hello Larry,
Yes, I did. No results.
Thanks for the tip!

Hello Larry,
That would be great. How do I PM you?

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You did what, Dale?

Search from the main forum page, for Ecosense.

Gotcha… …

You sure know how to use the forum tools, guess I need to spend more time here to learn! :slight_smile:

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Click on my face and then click message. It looks like you are on the forum but it is a private message.

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I use those monitors. They are good devices but I think the app could be better, so instead of using the original app to create reports I go with my spectora and all my reports look same way.
I will know more soon as I need to do annual calibration.

Hello Lukasz,
Thank you for your feedback. I also use Spectora.

Have a great day!