Radon - NRPP Measurement Exam

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I will be taking the NRPP radon measurement exam this week, and I’m working on my radon certification. For those who already took the exam, are there a lot of questions about mitigation for the measurement exam? I wouldnt think so but folks who strictly measure don’t mitigate, but I want to make sure I’ve studied properly. Also, what radon testing devices do you all use, and where did you buy yours? Thanks in advance

I took the exam 2+ years ago but I don’t think there were mitigation questions. Mitigation is a separate field, course and exam.

I use Sun Nuclear 1028 CRMs. I bought 1 of my monitors new from Sun Nuclear (about $1200 with the hard case). I have purchased 4 more through eBay. You can generally pick up a used 1028 and case (in need of calibration) for around $700. I’d recommend the used route. Assuming the unit isn’t damaged, once calibrated they perform exactly the same.

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Sorry, can’t help with your radon questions.