Radon - NRSB or NRPP?

Any input from from the Radon folks for someone looking to add this on to their business?

NRSB does appear to be missing some of the latest new devices, like the Corentium Pro, from their lists.

NRSB is definitally cheaper for certs ($100//1yr, $160/2yr) and exam ($90), but it appears to be difficult to get an exam scheduled cause there is simply no school or university going to allow you to come in there for a proctored test. Also, no real feedback from people taking the exam, unlike the dredded NRPP exam.

NRPP ($220 cert) seems to have some horor stories about exams ($140) too, most seem to pass InterNACHI exam with a 90-95%, but go on to fail the NRPP exam with 55-65%? Then it’s $140 to retake again.

Besides the cost and exams differences, I see no real differences in proceedures. Looking at using a CRM device.

Hi Jim. It just depends on what is required in New York. But when I looked into it being certified is not required by the State of Colorado, it is just highly recommended to be certified by either NRPP or NRSB. So I would go with the one that is less expensive. When studying for them make sure you get the additional information from either NRPP or NRSB to go along with InterNACHI’s course. Good luck

@afrydenlund, I wish NY was not required too, waste of more $$$.

NY is a different animal, they do not manage any actual NY state certification, but do require you to be certified by one of the following: AARST, NRSB, State of New Jersey, or State of Pennsylvania. Then you can be added to the local county list.


I offer Radon testing. I’m in Colorado. My insurance company accepts the InterNACHI certification so I just roll with that. I have a couple Corentium Pro units and have had no issues with them.

Jim, NY State does not require certification of radon testers or mitigators AT THIS TIME. However, if you gain membership in AARST you will be listed on the NYS site, for free, as a tester or mitigator, depending on what you do. ECAN, in Williamsport, PA offers a training class to prepare you for the AARST organizations test.
There is a proposal, driven by a NY group of ASHI members and their paid lobbyist, floating about in the NY State Legislative offices proposing that NY State require Radon Licensing.

Actually got a response back from NYS DOH, here’s their clarification on NYS certs…

From: radon@health.ny.gov
“NYS does not require that radon testers be certified unless they are using a CRM that generates reports. In that case, they would need to be certified by ELAP. ELAP requires certification for any entity that provides environmental data to customers.”
NYS Radon Program, 518-402-7556