Radon Pictures

I’m developing a comprehensive radon course. Online. Open to all InterNACHI members. Titled, “Radon Measurement Service Provider” course.

This course covers the radon testing protocols based on the requirements for the former USEPA Radon Proficiency Program. This course will also prepare participants for the NEHA-NRPP National Radon Proficiency Measurement exam.

We need some digital photos of radon systems and radon testing devices, including radon system components, suction points, fans, pipes, monitors, measurement devices, etc.

If you’d like to see your photo in the online course, we’ll give you full credit (name and contact info) inside the course.

Instead of posting photos here, please email them to me, Ben Gromicko, at ben@nachi.tv.

Thank you.

(The course will be up online as soon as I reach a certain number of donated photos.)

Thanks guys. Those pics are great.
Good one Greg.

Unless mobile homes are set up on piers without any skirting placed around them, interior vacuums can cause radon to enter these types of homes.

Radon tests should be recommended for manufactured, mobile homes.

What is this target with arrow holes demonstrating?

In comparison with this target?

And what’s that have to do with performing radon tests?

Answer: A visual representation of “accuracy” and “precision.”