Radon QA Made Easy

I have a website that will process radon QA plans. It will remind you for blanks, duplicates, spikes, cross checks, and calibrations. It also keeps track of personal exposure (required in many states). It produces spreadsheets and color graphs.

It will work on desktop or mobile devices.


Any questions or comments - shoot me a text or call 6104170763

Lawrence Transue

Are you a NACHI vendor?


I wonder why it doesn’t say it under your name.

No offense guys, but in my opinion this is a useless and expensive gimmick. My Radon reports are simple, informative for the client and FREE ! I also don’t collect and then Release their private information to 3rd parties. Jeesh

I would bet that all good home inspectors like Roy me etc… already has a good report for their radon testing clients.



While RadonEasy.com does produce a client report, The main function is QA/QC reminders and reporting. The Duplicates / Blanks / Spikes as well as calibration dates etc are managed.

It also keeps track of tests in the field, and Personal exposure.

Most testers spend a few hours a month on these items.

Call or Text if you have any questions.

Larry 610.417.0763


PricingAll plans start with our fully-featured 30-day trial.

After the trial you will be charged $39.00 per month using the PayPal subscriptionfeature.CancellationYou can cancel at any time.

Questions about pricing or subscriptions please contact email us at support@radoneasy

Yes, not sure why it does not show on my profile.
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Nick Gromicko

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