Radon results form

Not jumping out at me, is there a template on here for the Radon results? I’m doing my first Radon test tomorrow. First anything of my new business, so excited. I have all my pre-inspection forms. Just need a results template to give the findings.


How did you obtain “your findings”??

Obviously, you went with the CRM. Radon testing questions for a beginner

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I have a few different brand monitors and each had a template. I just customized them to fit my company.

I’m going to be sending canisters into the lab. I’m just looking for a professional template to send the results to my client. There seems to be many other templates, I just can’t find one that is pre-made on here for the Radon results, if there is one.

The lab sends their report. I just added my logo when I was doing it that way.

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I simply forward a copy of the Labs report to my Client, with a short (separate) synopsis of the results, and the recommended course of action to take, if any. My hands stay clean that way.


Sounds good. Thanks!