Radon Roulette


**As seen on FB… **


No link to view on my end

Try this… (like I said, as seen on FB)…


It doesn’t work for me, but I’m sure Nathan has me blocked.

So this is a no radon guarantee, for at least 4 months, count me out

Glad to see you back.

Good to be coming back Pete, and thanks again for the assistance with the state licensing board.

Your welcome. Anytime my friend.

It gets even funnier if you read the widgets actual operating instructions …LMAO…

"This policy is offered for a period of 120 days
following the full home inspection, or 22 days after
closing, whichever comes later. If at any time during
that 120 day period another test is performed by a duly licensed…

  • professional and the levels come back at 4.0 PCi/L or
    higher, RWS will pay the cost of mitigation up to $1200
    and after a deductible of $250 is met."*