Radon Test recommendation

I have not done a radon test yet.

However, I might be doing an inspection for a friend later this week in an area of our state more prone to Radon problems and they want it tested.

Recommended course of action?

What reliable test can I get this week, with a reasonable turn around in results?

I see on Amazon $158 AirThings tester … recommend or no?


I may ask them to use a unit from the big box store or hardware to hang in several locations.
Have them do it and after 3 to 4 days mail them in to get the results back by email.

If you haven’t taken any education on how to do it, leave it to them and study up for the next ones. You may decide to purchase a CRM.

Just my opinion.

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If you’re testing for a friend, use two carbon pouches. You probably don’t have issues with tampering. Make sure you have closed house conditions for 12 hours prior to start of test, plus for duration of test. Know where to place them; basement, main floor with crawl space, slab, two tests required for multiple foundation types…

CRM’s like the Air Things Pro and many others need annual calibration. Homeowner devices are just that, not for professional use. They can give you unreliable readings if not recently calibrated, plus what do you know about the one for sale???

And, what Larry says above…would you do a home inspection for a friend before you had any home inspection training? Radon training is the same when offering the public a service for a fee.

They are purchasing the home so to get a fast turn around they decided to hire a local company to do the Radon testing only.

I will do the home inspection. This works out best this time.

I will continue to work towards adding that to my services. I started the InterNACHI’s Advanced Radon class.

Sounds like some good plans, Cory. It keeps them moving forward and happy and you get educated.