Radon Testing and Certification

I currently use Sun Nuclear 1027 radon monitors. I have not become certified for radon testing, my state does not require it, NH. Are any inspectors testing for radon that are not certified and have you run into any issues ?

I’m certified under IAC2 (found here at NACHI) and never had a problem to date. If your in a state that has no requirements simply follow the EPA recommendations and write out a scope of work for your clients. Once done have them sign it.

I ran into an issue with primus relocation would not accept my test results, have you run into any problems with any relo companies?

Nope. However, I’m certified under http://www.iac2.org/

Your not certified at all. See the difference? It’s up to the reloc company if they want to accept a uncertified testers results or not. Read the material take the test and put the logo on your site.

This is what the State of Missouri recommends…

You may do testing yourself or hire a firm or individual to do the testing. If a firm is hired we recommend they be in the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program.