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I am new to home inspection, I am operating in the state of Montana. The state of Montana does not require you to be licensed for radon testing according to internachi chat person. She advised me to come on this and ask if anybody knows do I need more certification beyond the internachi course? Do I need the national exam? I understand I need the national exam to be listed in the states registry but do I need it to be certified and just market myself? Thank you all!

You might check with the EPA for testing requirements. A lot of states are not regulated so there really is nothing you NEED to do. You SHOULD cite some standards for how you test. Again, the EPA is a good source. That is what we test to in Oregon (another unregulated state).

Here’s a link: Radon Standards of Practice | US EPA


Check your local standard Real Estate contract addendums. Many RE agents do not know or care to read and modify the contracts. Sometimes the radon addendum will require a test performed by a NRSB or NEHA listed testing agency. To become listed you must pass their test and pony up the fee. Just another money grab.


This is my 2 cents (I operate in a non regulated state)

If your state is not regulated, the simple path is acquiring NACHI’s Radom Measurement Service Provider and Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider certificates. This will give you the knowledge and credentials to perform radon testing.

Then follow @mfellman and @rkenney advice as well.

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The person you talked to is correct about licensing, however get training and know what you are doing before proceeding. Also make sure you have proper insurance… Getting NRSB or NRPP certification will only help you but will cost some $$$$. Both radon courses offered by InterNACHI will qualify you to be able to get the national certification.

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This is key in my opinion. Although unlikely, if you end up having to defend your testing in front of a judge and/or jury, you can bet you will be grilled on your training. Those of us in licensed states not only need to pass a fairly difficult exam, but keep up with CE every year and maintain a QA plan for our devices and testing protocols. Although it can be a PIA, it will undoubtedly make a difference if trouble ever arises.


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