Radon Testing Equip & Supplies... Where? Help?

Thanks in advance…

Looking for Continuous Monitor supplies for equip for analyzing passive devices on site.

Any idea’s for who/where to get equip from?

Leases??? Purchase??

Any help would be great.

Tim Spargo

Good Products?

They seem reasonable in cost. I had some leases around 130.00 monthly.

Would be silly to lease for that when I can purchase starting @ 475.00

Thanks again,

Tim Spargo

I don’t know how good this unit can be with sun’s specs

Accuracy: ±25% or 1 pCi/l, whichever is greater after 24 hours.

As compared too???

Any other models or info Don?



Check out radalink, leased, more expensive, but how would a ±25% deviation provide anyone quality service. I wish that I only had to be 75% accurate in my inspections.

Thanks Don,

Will look at radalink…

Am going to contact sun nuclear. Agreed, can’t imagine being off a full 1 picocurie out of 5 on a reading. Am going to double check protocol and standards as well.

Thanks again,


My understanding of many if not most of the Radon testing equipment is that their specs. fall in line with EPA requirements. That means the +/- 25% and 1 pCi/L is within tolerance.

Bear in mind you will never really know how accurate a test result is if you are not there for the entire 48 hr period of the test. Doors are used, fans are operated, etc. You are providing results based on the current conditions, they will never be 100% accurate unless they are in a controlled environment.

Additionally, when Radon decays, it does not all go to the testing equipment, some sticks to walls, to floors, to pets and some goes outside through air infiltration. When samples are analyzed I believe these factors are fiqured into the equations to determine the level found. Thus, the variation.

Again, I belive they meet EPA standards for testing equipment. (I could be wrong)