Radon Testing for 60 Room Care Facility

I just started doing Radon testing in the NW Florida Panhandle last May, Im the only local company testing. I received a call from a builder that needs a radon inspection on a 40,000 square foot nursing home facility, 60 rooms. I have requested and waiting on more info about building so that I can put together a quote. I use Radalink Aircat monitors but I understand I would probably need to buy E-Perms or something similar to test in each of the 60 rooms. As I have never used anything other than Radalink, I do not know the procedures and costs for Pro-Lab, E-Perms and other devises. Also clueless as far as what type of report is provided (if any) with the different companies.

Was hoping to get some input from someone that has done commercial radon inspections like this and that may be able to provide input regarding quote and how to complete inspection. Thanks.

Whoever you are thinking of using should have sample reports for you and a price list.

I use electronic monitors but on big jobs I revert to cannisters.

Also on a job that size you need to know whose protocols you’re following to know how many cannister or maybe Air Check bags.

I use red Air-Chek kits for large buildings. You will not have to check every room, just every other one. If it is multiple floors, the kits would be in rooms that are “staggered”. That is on the first floor the kit is in a certain room, and the second floor kit is placed in a room that is staggered one room over from the first floor, etc. Records will be the largest expense, as you will need to document each room with the placement area, kit number, etc. Air Chek can assist you.

Many schools and hospitals bid out this procedure, and it is expensive for the testing person in time, documentation, placement, mailings, etc. I suggest allowing $125-150 per room. There should be state protocols that you must follow. You can also search the EPA radon site.

Unless you’re familiar with testing and protocols on that scale it might be wise to pass on this one.

As this is a “Care Facility” I would be sure to use a reputable Laboratory such as EMSL or RTCA. I personally would never consider Pro-Lab (prior experiences).

Your state may also have specific protocols for Care Facilities, such as they would for Schools and such. A call or visit to your State Department of Health would be advisable.
Good luck.