radon testing in Illinois

Does anyone know If I require special certification to perform radon testing in Illinois. I will be using the charcoal canisters and sending them to a lab for analysis.
I did take th NACHI course and passed

Thank you

You can start researching here

Yeah, you gotta be licensed by the state. Better stop before they catch you. With Quinn, now, as Governor, they will start cracking down on this.

Hi guys do you know where the USEPA course or an equivalent course is available in Ill. I was starting to think about doing radon testing

As Linus posted before, check out the state web site, here:

Radon - Radon

Hope this helps;

Why not just sub it out? You can make 25 or 30 bucks just to make a phone call, and have no of the hassles. Or am I wrong?

I’m not in Illinois, however I would say get the certification and licensing. It will allow you to stay in control of the entire process. I subbed out a few radon jobs before I got my radon license and it was a major league scheduling nightmare. Also, I do a nice business conducting stand alone radon tests…something I obviously couldn’t do without a license.