Radon testing in progress... what say you?

Radon testing in progress upon arrival (not by my company)…

What say you, if anything?

Nothing. That happens all the time here.(just to save $15-20, it’s nuts)

What’s your thought about it?

Look at the calibration date on the rear of the CRM. Due annually, expired 5 months ago. This test was for a ‘Final’ after a mitigation system was installed two days before.

Ahh… Yeah, it should get mentioned, but only as an inquiry for the client to make. I would just inform them and not get any further involved.

Is the calibration requirement a state one or for the specific equipment? I’m just wondering if the requirement is for calibration to occur somewhere within each calendar year if it’s a state requirement.

I mentioned it to my client while at the inspection, and depending upon the results of the CRM, he may contact me for a follow-up test.

Thanks for your opinion.

I say they need to move the unit off the floor.

A courtesy call to Radon tester is in order.

It look like it’s setting on a table or bar top to me.

Jeff posted the EPA recommendations which Illinois radon regulations mirror almost exactly. In this state it really doesn’t matter what the manufacture’s suggestion would be, but is calibration every year a standard across the board? That’s the only way this inspector could not be at fault.

All of my machines get calibrated once a year. It is my manufactures mandate… Doesn’t matter what the EPA says, if the manufacture requires it, then it is a closed case in my opinion.

Winner, winner…



I see it now. Thanks Chris.

Was it set in the lowest livable area (I can see a house through the window)? Is that part of your testing requirements up there?

Could be a walkout basement or a slab foundation.

Yes… Walkout…

Another winner, winner…! :slight_smile:

Does that front downspout really discharge on the driveway walk area?

That’s just dumb in this part of the country.

Maybe it goes underground. I can’t quite tell.

This one?.. :wink: