Radon Testing in "Regulated" States

For those of you who do radon testing in “regulated” states ( Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Florida … ), do you generally charge more than people who test for radon in non-regulated states? I’m currently working on getting my radon registration in Maine. I’ve had to take an approved course, pass the NEHA exam, and now I’m working on the final draft of a quality assurance plan. … Then there are 16 credits in continuing education every 2 years, and fees to pay, and spikes, and blanks … I’m not complaining here – Just wondering if what, if anything, it’s worth $$$ in what gets charged to clients. I anticipate some complaints from clients who will say that a radon test should not cost any more than what they say they could do themselves with a radon-testing kit from the local hardware store.

I would check what your local competition is charging.

I charge anywhere from $100-150 depending on distance and if a general inspection is being performed.

Ohio is a regulated State and I do not know what others charge in unregulated States.

Recently a local paper did an article on radon as January is radon awareness month. They stated the average price was $140-$180 for a radon test.

I charge 150-175. During January, National Radon Action Month, I have a $99 special.

Thanks, David and Bobby

Hard to charge more when so many un certified (licensed) home inspectors perform illegal testing. A couple years ago we tracked down over a hundred home inspectors doing tests illegally in Florida. FL DOH doesn’t enforce their rules. Even PRO LAB operated illegally until we complained, they were not certified in Florida until a few years ago.

Radon is a side job us now, less than 25% of our work.

Thank you, Douglas. Maine may be in for problems similar to what you describe in Florida. Maybe some consumer education would help to mitigate some problems: links to state regs., and, as Maine has, lists of businesses registered to test for radon. registered labs, etc. … Maybe talk a major newspaper into writing an article about legal radon testing, and get it proof read by a knowledgeable person. This all might be easier in Maine than in Florida because of sparse population.

We tried most everything over the years, to many ?? inspectors, realtors.
Over 13,000 radon tests, no realtors, home inspectors or consumers , we have worked for, have asked for proof of certification (license) from state. Only developers, management companies, etc ask for certifications and proof of insurance.
Same with all environmental issues, luckily here in Florida, a new law will cleanup the mold inspection business.
1468.8421 Insurance.–(1) A mold assessor shall maintain general liability and errors and omissions insurance coverage in an amount of not less than $1,000,000.
3rd time caught:
© A felony of the third degree for a third or subsequent violation, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

Just wished the FL DBPR was handling radon instead of the Health Dept in Florida.