Radon Testing X 4

To compare the quality of monitors I have decided to do a radon test using 3 different moniotrs and a air check bag.

I am curious what the outcome will be.

I am using
Femto-Tech 510lp
RadStar RS300
Sun Nuclear 1027
and one red air check bag.

I will post the results when I have them. 3 days worth due to the air check bag.

I had the windows of the home opened for a few hours today to see if the readings will show such without the added features of the 510LP

Were the monitors equally calibrated and current prior to comparative testing?
Are the calibrations current (within last 6 months)?
If not current, have they been cross checked for comparison?

yes everything is current.

so post the calibration certs when you post the results…
It should be an interesting comparison…

I thought so myself. :smiley:
Sould be about a week due to lag time on the air check.

How are you supposed to use that comfortable chair and stool with the monitors in the way? LOL

I am sneaking over to fart all around them lol

Its not my house you Moron!!!
Go ahead I will post your bail. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL i still can go over and fart now cant i ? Your not testing for Methane

Where did you get the tripod for the 1027?

I was wondering how that was mounted as well.

Crazy glue and nuts tell him to take a picture of the bottom

Here is the link.

I made 2 of them, works pretty good!!


Yeah, how you like that stuff. :smiley:
and to think all this time you have doing it the other way…:mrgreen:

What were the final results?

I am mailing the bag today and should have an answer by wed.

You know those mail away radon testers everyone loves. WHile I have the answer for the others I have to wait. :roll:

See even other inspectors want faster service.

Im not too woried about the air check bag. I am sure it will be close and will post it when I get it.

The weather here has been mild so obviously the additional readings for temp/pressure were not affected with the fancy femto tech monitor I now have. I would guess in larger temp swings for hotter or colder weather it would show up.

For 2 afternoons I had the basement door opened around 3 to 5 pm. No changes in temp or pressure but obvious swings on the readings.

should be hours 10 and 11 and hours 34 to 36 roughly

I also had the testee leave the main floor back door open on the first day and some obvious raises in numbers could be seen as well.

Lastly we had a nasty storm blow thru the last evening (hour 66) and that spiked the readings as well.

So here are the results, and as surprised as I am to see not much difference for all 3.

Obviously you can see which one produces the easiest read report.

Thanks Sean…

Thanks Sean. Very interesting. Curious to see the results of the AirCheck.

The air check is back and it read 5.0 as well

So we have 2 monitors and a bag at 4.9 and 5
and another at 4.3