Radon Testing

Hello, I am just starting my home inspection business.
I was just wondering if the mail in First Alert test kits are ok to use when you are just starting out in the business?
if not, then would the “Corentium Home” Tester for $200 work for a while until I make enough to buy the ridiculous expensive ones? Thank you!

No and No.

If you think $1,000 for a quality CRM is expensive, perhaps you are getting into the wrong line of work. Our tools can make or break us. If you only “buy cheap” you will definately be one of the broken!

Good luck!

Here is the place where I buy my radon canisters.

I started with canisters and switched after a few years to CRM…Radstar RS300. My only regret regarding my inspection business was not buying the CRM right away. So much easier and convenient…Its worth the upfront money and pays for itself quickly.

Yes spend the coin… go with the best you can find/afford.