Radon Testing

Im looking into getting into radon testing what is th ecost of the equipment needed to test for radon? Does anyone have a good source for this equipment?


Check out Radelec. Very low cost per test once the equipment is paid for. Cash cow. I do $50,000 of radon test every year now at a cost of about $1000/year

I got to move to SD…thats awsome. $49,000 profit?


We have only performed about 14,000 tests, don’t think we have that kind of profit margin.

Eric contact Shawn Price at Air Chek, Inc. www.radon.com
Lot of bull in the radon business, Shawn is great guy to work with and the tops in information.

The electrets cost aout $15 each and are good for 6-10 tests depending on radon levels. We do about 400 test a year at $125. Electret cost is between $1.50 and $3.00 depending on radon levels. I’m not including the travel expenses, just the raw cost of the test. Still a cash cow. I think I spent something like $3000 to get set up.

If you’re just getting started, go with Air Chek. Spend $1000 later after you see what the demand is in your area. I’m lucky to get 2 radon tests per month. People don’t want to spend the money.


Good idea im not sure what the demand would be like here in this part of the country.

Your immediate area is at a moderate level for radon. It would depend on if you want to travel and if people will pay.



What do you guys charge for a radon test?

$150 is the going rate in the Charlotte area. (That’s the price when combined with a home inspection. I’d charge $175 for just a radon.)

Same here in my part of Ohio

Joe, you maybe are charging too much if the real reason people don’t want it is because they don’t want to spend the money. If others are selling a lot at $150 then you may want to look at your marketing. Sell safety and piece of mind not “radon tests” Still, there is a lot of money in radon no matter which system you use. January is national radon month. Run an ad campaign, go on the radio, knock on doors. We will do about 100 tests in January due to national radon month. Nice way to start the year out. Makes op a significant portion of our total radon for the year.