Radon testing?

Not sure how many do it but I was wondering what kind of results do you find in Florida. Like 1 in how many houses come in 4.0+? Saw a thread up in the members sections where some radon guys were talking and I asked out of curiosity. Was quite surprised by their responses but they all seemed to be from northern areas where basements are common. Just wondering


1 in 5 are found to have elevated readings according to the EPA.

Some of the results of our radon tests. We don’t do many these days



Thanks for posting very informative for our area! :slight_smile:

thanks guys and Doug that was exactly what I was looking

The girls have listed about 60% of the tests we have done last couple of years.
It’s time consuming and really not important.
Condo’s are one out two (50%) including high rises and houses are about one out of 25.
0ver 23,000 radon tests performed in SW Florida.


LOL, it actually was to me…thanks again for everything you shared

How about this information:

The info seems to be from years ago, I have personally done hundreds of tests in Lee county zip 34135, they have less than 70 recorded; same thing with dozens of other zip codes in our area.
A couple years ago, DOH called about a report that had two homes at the same address they were recording. They didn’t know we have hundreds of homes here with guest houses; many are over 2,000 sq ft in size. Point is that we had tested that address over three years prior and they were just recording it. We are required to report radon tests every month to FL DOH in Florida.

The government doesn’t seem to do anything right or effectively. Just look how many inspectors were grandfathered into a mold assessor license. Take the radon map for what it is, some gov guy creating work for himself that looks good but is useless in real time.

I’ll take local experience over a government report any day. :mrgreen:


Yellow = counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level less than 2 pCi/L

Orange = counties have a predicted average indoor radon screening level between 2 and 4 pCi/L