Radon training and testing

Does anyone have a recommendation for radon training and testing services in the Chicago area? On line training is fine with me. I have been looking at Pro-Lab for training and testing, but don’t like the idea of sending samples to a testing facility. I think in most real estate transactions are expecting quicker test results. What do you think?

Try, http://radonmonitor.com/
The training… plug it in.
The testing, learn to read. I will soon.:mrgreen:
This unit is so simple. I bought the model 2, two years ago and have used it a few times. I just create an excell spread sheet on my letterhead.
I set it in the house in a corner of the basement that is not disturbed. After about an hour I record the reading.
I leave it there about two to three weeks, depending on what the client wants. I tell them I will drop by randomly, when I am in the neighborhood.
I mark the readings. After three weeks yoou can take the unit out.
Sounds simple??? Very, and so am I.
This way you do not send samples to a lab and wait on them. However you cannot do an in once and out once run, it does have to take a couple of weeks. I charge $250 to do this.

I don’t think you can beat Radalink for training, record keeping, ease of use, customer service, quality control, fast results, etc.


I use Airchek, Inc. A NC/SC certified lab. I use their kits, which cost me about $7.50 each and charge (a lot more than that). Don’t have to worry about equipment getting stolen. I get results by email in about 3 days after I mail it. No training required if you can read instructions and follow directions (your state may require training/certification…I don’t know about that).


Please be aware that Illinois is one of the states that require special licensing for professionals engaged in radon measurement.

From the radon licensing act, section 422.50

b) Any individual or person who anticipates conducting radon-related measurement, mitigation, or laboratory analysis services shall file a complete application for licensure with the Department a minimum of 30 days prior to the anticipated starting date of the activities.

One of the exemptions is if you are doing it yourself on your own home.

You can read the complete text at


Radalink offers training in preparation of the IEMA exam.

I think exam sessions are held every other month.

I’m not doing radon yet, but I’m probably going to go with Radalink when I do. Check them out at www.radalink.com

Radolink will be in Schaumburg in November. The State of Illinois approves this course.

Radalink is good equipment. training program was great seven years ago and probably still is. ESA is also training for radon testing, good passing record for stste exam in Florida.
Used Radalink monitors for less than a year, switched to femto tech, 13,000 tests ago. People at femto tech are the best. Use a monitor from femto tech and have reports issued from Air Chek, Inc… We have had color reports from air chek on the email seconds after downloading monitor via phone line for years. Air Chek also can furnish a great passive test for schools, assisted living facilities or other large projects. Their test is great for home inspections too, if you don’t do many tests, monitors are expensive.
Shawn Price at air chek is the man for radon testing. www.radon.com
Pro lab / radon / yuk.
We do more mold inspections now than radon but I will always be glad I dropped radalink for the femto tech / Air chek program.

my two cents, I’m gone
Doug Wall, CIE

I am getting ready to order the 1028 Model from Sun Nuclear. I’ve used their 1027 model in the past and have been very happy with the unit. When I have to use cannisters I am using Pro-Lab, but last week Pro-Lab gave me a verbal reading over the phone and backed it up with the test results by email. A few hours later they sent me another email with different results! There was NO mention of the mix-up in the 2nd email. I had already sent my client and their agent the first results from Pro-Lab that were incorrect. This is a major liability! I am staying away from Pro-Lab from this point on.

Kip McCullough
Keystone Property Inspections

I was considering the 1028 but sticking now with the 1027’s. Just purchased 2 more and will be looking again in the Spring to expand with additional 1027’s.

Radalink training is good and you can also take the University of Illiniois at Chicago’s Radon Program. You can do it on line as well.