Radon Training

Anyone have any recommendations for online Radon training? Must be approved for Illinois licensing.
“Environmental Solutions Association” contacted me today, I also had someone mention “Radalink”. Has anyone dealt with any of these companies?

The American Lung Association also has an approved online course.

I did mine through ESA. good outfit. no worries.

Both ESA and Radalink are great outfits. You won’t go wrong with either.

I’m taking the ESA class on July 9th and 10th. Can’t wait.

ESA communication has really sucked lately. They have been dunning me for redoing my membership. I have had two different people try this and one said to the other one should not be in my territory. I try to call back line stays busy. They only call me when they want to sell me something.

I have always had a hard time calling them.

It is a very poorly run business…beware!