Radon: which CRM??

I expect that this question has been asked before, but I can’t find a thread on it. I am looking at the choices of Continuous Radon Monitors, and the rental vs. purchase choices. I am leaning toward the Sun Nuclear product, and learned at the convention that the 1027 model will be replaced with the 1028 this spring. The new model will, of course, cost more than the present one ($535 vs. $675)
My questions: what equipment are you using, and why do you like or dislike it? How about rental vs. purchase?

Im looking for the same info. if anyone can chime in. Thanks, Steve

I have been using the Sun Nuclear Model 1027 as well as E-Perms for over 5 years.

Currently we have 10 of the Sun Model 1027’s.

Extremely reliable units.

Thanks, Joe. I’m leaning toward the Sun unit, but I think I’ll wait until the new model is available. It is supposed to be upgraded, with a USB port as well as the original serial port for the printer. BTW, do you use the printer on site, or do you do your printing off site?


PA licensing requires a specific printed format for reporting of Radon Results.

I have never used the printer. All reports are generated and sent from the Office.

I have purchased all of my Sun and Eperm units thru Wayne Gemmill.


Wayne provides Initial Training, CEU as well as sale of all units.

He provides the annual calibrations (as mandated by PA State License) as he has a Radon Chamber On-Site at his facility.

Excellent info!! Thanks again!