more specifically, Kansas, they told me if I passed the advanced radon course through Nachi, I could set canisters and send them off for lab reports, now after all the studying and passing the course they say its not approved, ??? frustrated, any clarification appreciated, sorry for the rant and misspelled words,

WHO told you?

I did some research. InterNACHI’s radon course is approved by NRPP and so approved in Kansas.

Read: How to Become a Certified Home Inspector in Kansas - InterNACHI . Scroll down to the section on radon.

its all a money thing with the State of Ks. your course is approved, but the test at the end is not, so the state gets a filing fee of 100 bucks, and more money to take there test, its all about the $$$$$

That surprises you? The same process cost $400+ in Minnesota… until next year when it jumps another $600!

I didn’t pay anything for Minnesota this year. But having said that I sold 2 of my units and plan to sell the last one and sub the work out. It doesn’t pay enough for me to do radon. I need $200.00 a test and I got Internachi guys doing it for $100.00 A lot of the lowballers I run into are Internachi members.