Hey guys looking for some info concerning radon testing ie: procedures, have a weird request to preform one, requested from a relo company.



Not “weird” for a relo company to request Radon testing.


Is it regulated in your state?

Reason i said weird was, this is never done in our area , and no it is not regulated , thanks for the response


Understand, but you need to remember, reputable relocation companies actually are looking out for their clients best interests, unlike local realtors. They tend to follow national standards, not local practices. Many of the Relo companies have big corporations as their clients, and find homes for relocating upper level employees (typically). I would do whatever it takes to get on their list of preferred inspectors for your area. They generally pay fair market rates, and could have multiple inspections at any given time.

Jeff, it’s not common to do one here either. I would recommend they save the fee.


Is it just “not common” to do them, or, there is no actual “need” due to very low levels in your area?


Radon doesn’t stand much of a chance in all that Texas bedrock. :wink:

Make your recommendation and if they still want it, take their money and do the test. It’s simple enough.

Of course if a system is needed don’t let the company that put this system in be the one that mitigates it.

Anyone ever hear a radon system that sounds like a washing machine. The one in the video on this page does.

Radon Mitigation System Malfunctioning Video

They forgot the bypass drain fitting.

Moist air can condense in the pipe above the fan and if no water collection and bypass line is in place it will collect in the fan.


Did you watch the video and listen to the system operation??

They forgot a lot more than the bypass, Michael.

Though, if I did mitigation, I’d probably just buy the bypass fittings instead of using your jury rigged hunk of aluminum method or one of the many other jury rigged methods out there. Lot’s of different ways to bypass.

The point is you have to deal with the condensation or you ruin the fan impeller long before its time.

They failed to have the it run down hill all the way. Nice trap.

My brother in law is a Radon mitigator.

hey Guys

thanks for the response, did some reading on it and spoke to the local EPA and there was nothing to it , no certification needed , used a lab called Accustar just sent the samples back , Just did not charge enough lol, but it was a learning exp


How much did you charge?