I know this is not the right place for this question but what do you expect from an electrician except being wrong, lol. :lol:

I need opinions concerning these hardware store radon test kits. Are they worth their weight in mud or are they fairly reliable.

Here is string on them


Thank you Roy for the fast reply.
I was thinking of getting one for a preliminary test before hiring someone to do a real in-depth test.
I suppose the question should have been, what do you think of one of these test for someone who already owns their home and looking for an easy way of testing for radon before hiring someone to do a real test.

You know it is sort of like someone who has a headache taking a couple of aspirin before going to get a MRI done.

Should it test positive then hire someone to do a more in-depth test to be sure before spending all the monies to have ventilation done.

Are they worth anything or should it go straight to someone who does a real in-depth testing for radon.

Again thank you for the speedy reply.

Here You contact the state epa, they for a nominal fee, will send You a couple of test canisters, directions for placement and the results when you mail them back…

If you find radon levels above limits with the store bought test, other is no reason to have someone else test.

This is good time of year to do a 90 day test.

Thank you. I have contacted them (NC)

see good things work out for bad people all the time…:smiley:


They work . Just remember that you get out what you put in. There are specific steps to take (placement and controlled environment of test area) and not following them will give inaccurate results.