RadonEasy offers InterNACHI members a deal.

Privacy Policy: http://radoneasy.com/privacy-policy

Jeff are you serious, Nick is actually advertising a company and product that collects peoples personal information ? and charges Inspectors a fairly steep price for basically a report? LOL tell me its not so…

You know since my leg accident 3 years ago I have built up a very nice Air Quality and Radon biz. I have a very simple report for my clients that is simple for them to understand as well as very informative for both Elevated levels, orAcceptable levels, and it;s free !! quick and quiteprofessional.

The very best part of it all is that my clients get it all and without their private information being released to any 3rd parties.


The amazing things is, the companies that actually have the cajones to post their Privacy Policy (if they even have one), will always, 100% of the time, post the most positive spin of the Policy that they can!!! Remember that while you read the Policy. Gives one a whole new perspective of things. :shock:

Agreed, it’s like they aren’t even swift enough to scam well.