RadonZone Charcoal tests

Has anyone worked with this company. I just called them and it seems legit.

www.radon.com is the best way to go when using charcoal kits. Air-Chek.

Thanks. Since no one answered quickly I looked up past posts and found the same thing. I almost ordered but I don’t understand what it means about the return shipping. I tried to call but it was friday at 5:33. I thought it included free return shipping.

Reports come back to you via email.

Buy the professional kits not the homeowner kits.

I ship my samples overnight(after the 48 hours test period) via FedEx and receive results the next day.

Thanks Mike. Why would I use a home owner kit. Do you think I am that green? :slight_smile:

It wasn’t for you necessarily.

I was concerned when you mentioned return mail postage and thought you might have confused it with the home owner kits they sell which can include ground postage to the lab.

No. Before you purchase it says If you want to purchase airbills to return short term test kits for immediate laboratory analysis, fill in the quantity for the appropriate service type. Do you order 5 of the overnight ones, one for each test?

Yes 5 kits of 2 ea.

I do not use their prepaid air bills.

I use my fedex discount through NACHI

OOOH. Is that cheaper?

It is 20% off.


I have found that the good ole US Post Office Express Mail is cheaper than Fedex, even with a 20% discount to my lab, $18 versus $31 ($25 with discount). My mold lab provides the best discounted FedEX rate $13 for standard overnight and $16 for priority overnight.