Radstar Electronic Continuous Monitor (radon)

okay, so with an e-perm or charcoal tests, you’re supposed to have 2 canisters roughly 6 inches or so apart. This would be a 48 hour test. Now with above type of monitor, do i need to run it for 96 hours and check it at the 48 hr mark? or will that be okay at the 48 hr mark since it measures every hour.

Also, if i get the results on the spot and write the report, will that be considered a lab, technically?

Maryland and Pennsylvania

If you are using a radstar or similar ECM, you just run one 48 hour test IF the home has been in a “closed” condition for 12 hours before the test.

No, I don’t believe your ECM is a lab.

Right now I’m getting a “Error reading COM 4” message while trying to download my RS300 and I’m spitting nails trying to figure that one out - I don’t have their printer.