Radstar RS-300 Radon Monitors For Sale - Retiring

I am retiring my radon testing business and so I have seven (7) Radstar RS-300 professional radon monitors for sale. These sell new for $900 new so this is a great opportunity for someone wanting to get into the radon testing business, or a home inspector wanting to add radon testing to their service offerings. All are in perfect working order and come with power adapter, comm cable, key, and tripod. One is calibrated (expires July 2022). The rest will need to be calibrated since I let that lapse last year because of retirement. Calibration will cost $150 per unit plus shipping cost. You send them to Radstar to have that done. So… I’m pricing them accordingly. The calibrated monitor is $450. The other six uncalibrated monitors are $300 each. If you buy them all, I’ll let them go for $2000 for all 7 monitors, plus shipping.