Rain good for IR business

But I am about sick of dodging Twisters, been all around me this last weekend I would like to share with MO and TN a little. :wink: Found two chimney flashing leaking this morning before lunch and have some more lined up.

Remax office 5-27-08 PC (2).jpg

Remax office 5-27-08 PC.jpg

Good post. Rain works wonders for IR inspectors.

I like the way you document the source of water intrusion in the last pic! :wink:

And by the way, you keep them twisters at your place! :slight_smile:

Oh come on I’m not selfish I will share:p Was standing on the back of my truck shooting some images of the storm monday evening and it was reported on TV of a confirmed twister just up the road when I observed these tail lights on the two cars when they topped the hill Wonder what they saw:shock:

“What they looked like”!!!

Nasty looking pic, Charley. :shock: Stay safe…

Here are a few photos I snagged in the last couple of days. The air was not working, windows were missing in places, and had very little delta t.

bens spikot.jpg

And a couple of more where the air was working.

Dyersburg Tennessee Home Inspector (1).jpg

Dyersburg Tennessee Home Inspector (1).jpg

Dyersburg Tennessee Home Inspector (25).jpg

Wearing out that Photoscape aye Ben? :wink: