raise the roof for Bob Sr!!!!!!

I am posting this in the members only form because this does not have to do about inspections. Being apart of an association we do great things everyday, It is what makes us all successful at accomplishing our goals as business owners. I have set a new goal this one is on a more personal level and I am asking my fellow members from every association I am apart of including this one interNACHI for help. My father Bob Marouski survived a massive heart attack resulting in having to have a pace maker /defibrilator my dad made a full recovery and continued to be a hard worker,loving husband,father and grandfather.​

On Nov. 4th he received a catscan due to some memory issues…He was diagnosed with a very large rare non malignant brain tumor. He was immediately admitted to the hospital to be monitored until being cleared for surgery. On Friday Nov. 7th he was operated on. The surgeons successfully removed the tumor from deep within his brain. ​

Due to his surgery my dad will require intensive rehabilitation in a rehab hospital. Recovery is expected to take 3 to 6 months .To take some stress away financially we are asking for your help. No amount is too small, with as much of members I am reaching out to even if a third of you guys contributed only 2-5 bucks that goes along way. Lets help my dad and family recover.

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Thank you everyone who donated please keep my family in your thoughts. My dad had to have emergency surgery Monday night due to fluid building up. Which now compromises his recovery severely. He is back in ICU at Hartford Hospital. We don’t know what lies ahead in the days to come.

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My dad had a few complications and remains in icu. The first drain inserted had moved and fluid was building up again which causes a lot of pain . He now has two drains. He will be having a permanent shunt put in within the next week or so. His condition changes day to day. I will do my best to keep you all posted. Thank you all for the love and support . You are all truly amazing!



Hi everyone tomorrow my dad will be having surgery to have a shunt placed. This will be his 4th surgery in less then four weeks. The surgeon has explained to us that because of the location of where the tumor was the placement of the shunt is tricky which makes the surgery more difficult. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. And once again thank you so much for all the support.