Raised nose on the stairway tread

wrong is wrong …doesn’t matter if there is a code for it…people can die falling down a flight of stairs…

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That’s for the Raiser height allowable differences of bottom to top

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Jeff you just made me take a closer look at that tread and even the split riser, this jack ass put it upside down.
This is not a contractor, if you ask for his license number I bet he would run.

just report & use
keep it simple stupid

deflected-uneven surfaces in walking surfaces create a known tripping-fall hazard and shall be remedied before an accident & litigation occurs

no dimension or further possibly inapplicable code, osha or ada citation required
it’s now on the client & seller, contractor to deal with
you’ve done your job


Your answer actually is in the SMA guide “Visual Interpretation of the STAIR BUILDING CODE 2012 International Residential Code” on page 5, Drawing 8. The stair tread surface in your image is not “uniform” and does not meet the depth requirements for a tread surface.

Unfortunately the Building Codes are not as good as they should be and never account for “stupid”. However as you have experienced here, and quite possibly other times, contractors and builders love to hide behind the “it isn’t a code violation” cop-out statement. Kudos for going the extra mile to help a client with a bad contractor!

Thanks Emmanuel

I appreciate the information and will sent to my client.

Have a great week, Rick

Rick Madden, CMI

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TREC #20806

Allowable if used correctly. That is a dang piece of nosing he’s trying to pass as a tread. Most engineered “hardwood” flooring does not have matching stair treads…there would be no way to match the exotics people are using. A solid red oak stair tread stained somewhat in the same color family would’ve been the correct thing to do…

The proper thing to have done is to provide one level stair tread with nosing 3/4" out past the riser and not have that tripping overlay.

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Common sense screams trip Hazard