Ram Jack

Anyone ever have a Ram Jack installer do any work?

I am curious if onecan show up and perform structural type work without an enginner.

I would guess so, I just looked up the franchise who is out of Hudson, FL and the guy is a CGC here in Florida, I guess it is coming to a CGC is competent to make the repairs. Don’t these guys do more sunken patio and driveway repairs?

It will depend on weather the city or county has building codes and what they want to do.

In Missouri they go unregulated except maybe Kansas City or St Louis.

If your estimate is over 20,000 dollars I would think an engineer report would be in order first.

Careful careful with some Rammie Jack installers, salespeople etc!

A couple Yelp reviews, some were supposedly good and some bad, here’s a couple that didn’t go so good, paraphrasing…
'This is my second experience, repeat customer… thousands of dollars later I have gear under my house and the root problem I called them about is still the same, no difference at all…"

Next, “They sent out a salesman, not a structural engineer… …”

Google review, ’ I am an engineer exploring various solutions for foundation repair… turned off by lack of professionalism…’

A retired (or semi-retired) foundation repair contractor speaks out about foundation repair…

‘…is a foundation repair salesman’s worst nightmare… his recommended solutions frequently do NOT involve piles or piers…his view of the foundation repair business is VERY different from the perspective shown in foundation repair ads broadcast repeatedly on radio, TV and on the internet’

Just like the interior basement system companies ads shown/broadcast on radio, Tv, internet… same bs, misrepresentations etc

Thanks John. I did look at some reviews and not all were good.

As John alluded to they over sell their product. If you need two foundation jacks they try to sell you ten. You do the math, around here the foundation jacks are about $1000 each and the earth anchors are around $800 each. They avoid engineers for a reason, (can’t speak for others) but I only prescribe what is needed. I do have to admit their structural jacks and tie-backs when used appropriately have good engineering behind their product.

Thanks for the good info!!

Update ; engineer report came back clean.