Ranch Home in Northeast Ohio

I am considering buying a ranch home in Northeast Ohio. Its a 3 bedroom. Built in 1980. A friend has discouraged me from buying this style. Friend says to prefer colonial style home because:

  1. ranch home is likely to be colder in winter because of poor/no insulation of ducts.
  2. moisture penetration from the slab.
  3. ranches with 3 bedrooms are difficult to sell.

Seeking opinions and thoughts on this issue.

Also, I am looking for a home inspector who might educate me on the pros and cons of a purchase with his opinion, on or off the record.

Hi Mark,

Home inspectors are not in the business of determining the value or future saleability of real estate in your area.

A good real estate agent can better advise you on which type of homes are easier to sell.

The problems you mentioned are all controllable.

I understand the scope of a home inspector’s responsibilities. However, I have seen one home inspectors educating the client. Its certainly helpful to know that these problems are not uncontrollable. Thank you sir.

My advice: Find a friend who knows what they’re talking about. I’ve never heard of such BS. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Thank you Joshua, for the useful tip.

Mark, buying a house is a personal choice. Base your decision on what floor plan you are looking for. If you are planning on staying there forever, consider the years when steps will be an issue. Get a quality inspection. Check with local utilities. Make an informed decision. Your friend may or may not be right. Take his opinion as just that, an opinion. Partner with a good reputable realtor that you can trust.

Thanks. What should I check with the local utilities? The heating bills are reasonable and affordable from my standpoint. Floor plan is open, I like the floor plan.

I may not live there forever so I wanna be able to sell without incurring a significant loss. I am trying to be realistic, I take real estate agent comments with a grain of salt.

I just don’t like steps, that’s all. Humans are the only animals who build steps in their homes and then climb steps, by choice, as if it is fun. This hasn’t made sense to me. Yet. I prefer universal design, a design that is suitable for humans of all ages, from a baby to a older person.

A lot of people feel the way you do.

I inspect ranch homes all the time. I also live in one, as do both neighbors on either side of me. I still don’t see what the difference is and/or have never heard of the any of the things/concerns you’ve listed. I cannot imagine that houses/lifestyles would be so much different across the northern part of the state. Well, I take that back, you are in the Cleveland area :wink:

Joshua: This ranch home is without a basement. Does that make a difference in the houses/lifestyles?

Crawl? Slab? Whatever it is it, it makes no difference to the type of house that’s on top of it.

Thank you Mr. Frederick. :slight_smile: Much obliged.

I live, work in NE OH. Own a ranch, 3 bedroom. My home value stayed about the same. (10 years) My utilities are low. Were you looking to buy, I can help you out.

Small world, David Macy; we have met before. I have watched you inspect a home. Its good to interface with you again. :slight_smile:

I am interested in knowing your thoughts, off the record, (you may PM me if you would like) about buying a ranch without a basement in Southeast Cuyahoga County, specifically the drawbacks.

Here’s what I have figured so far:

  1. 3 bedroom ranches (without basement) are not popular in Southeast Cuyahoga county. People want 4 bedroom colonials with basements and bells and whistles and therefore resale will relatively challenging but not at all impossible.

  2. Maintenance may require breaking into slab concrete.

  3. Slab is installed within the frost depth, so cold slab and perhaps cold home in our snow belt area.