Random plumbing in a foyer

Doing a inspection and I came across this. I am not sure why this is here. Its located in the home’s foyer.

I am not able to trace the line to see if it is tied into the waste plumbing. I believe all of the exterior lines are accounted for. Any ideas??

If a drain, possibly for something like a dehumidifier. Let the guessing begin :slight_smile:

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Probably put there to confuse the home inspector! :joy: :joy: :joy:


Traced the line in the crawlspace. It is plumbed straight to the exterior. It is not tied into the waste plumbing. Client’s want answers but I am stumped. Kind of a odd thing to have in a carpeted foyer.

Perhaps the owner might know? Maybe have to ask the buyers agent to query the sellers agent to query the owner - a long way around but it might get you an answer. That question is why I don’t automatically get the owners out of the property when inspecting. However, you must control the inspection - “Thank you Miss Owner - where can I find you should there be any questions?” Twenty years - has not been a problem for my way of doing things.

Portable Ac drain?

You have an answer.
“It’s an abandoned plumbing pipe that terminates on the exterior of the home. It’s intended purpose isn’t known”


Don’t know if you’re in a warm or cold climate, but wonder if it was intended as a drain pan for wet boot /shoe rack ?


Lotsa good guesses… It’s a drain line for something, original purpose isn’t known. Could be what was mentioned, could have been for an umbrella stand, to let the water drain out. Who knows… (besides the person who put it in).

It is a handy urinal

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Has the foyer always been a foyer? Was it a different room that may of had plumbing at some point in time, just thinking out loud. Good luck