Range Door???

So I open the door and this happened. Luckily MY FOOT, was there to protect the door as it hit the floor. :smiley:

6281 S Pearl Dr 12-19-09 023.JPG

Pull out Brian not up. :wink:

Guess you better turn that in to your liability insurance carrier.

What brand was that?


Failed under test.

Exactly. :smiley:

Where was the paint this time? :mrgreen:

In the pantry in little steel pint cans you devil. :smiley:

I use this to sit on now when enter the data. So I no longer use paint pails.


Had to hurt.
Was it new.?

It was not that heavy Bob, only about 3/8" thick. Yes it was a brand new range. The entire kitchen had been redone in a 3 year old bank owned home.

TWSS! :stuck_out_tongue: