Range Hood Duct Length

Is there a limit on the length of a range hood duct? I saw one today, Jennaire downdraft, that was over 30’ long. Is that kosher?



I just talked to Jenn-air Tech support and found out their limit is 60’

How big is your stove? I have crafted some range hoods over 8 feet long for use in some of those famous Cincinnati “chili” parlors.

Cincinati “chili” – lordy, lordy, that stuff stinks as bad as it tastes.

For optimum performance, I like to see the air duct short and straight. Also, 45-degree elbows are much more efficient than 90-degree elbows, as it allows the air being vented to have less restriction and build-up of grease.

If I find long ducts (20-50 feet long), I recommend replacing periodically due to grease build-up within the ducts. The filter at the fan area will grab most of the grease but grease will still accumulate inside the ducts.